Here at Remwan Carriers fleet safety is a primary foundation of our operational philosophy. We continue to take all possible steps to ensure the safety of our fleet, drivers, customers and the travelling public with whom we share the roads.

Our drivers have the benefit of a continuously monitored safety program comprised of provincial COR compliance blended with National Safety Code federal transport standards and company procedures administered by a full time safety professional.

This program has produced and offers -

• Qualified drivers with broad experience bases.
• Up-to-Date driver training.
• A zero accident rate.
• Fleet maintenance standards of performance exceeding industry best practices.
• Highly skilled maintenance staff.
• Consistent safe practice reinforcement.
• Driver culture of cooperation, support and professional conduct.
• Trucks equipped with cameras and GPS.
• NSC program standards bearing an industry-high audit score.

Our team understands the benefit of an effective safety culture and it shows in our performance every day of the year.

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